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Tips on writing an organisation description

The organisation profile part of the registration form gives you the chance to explain your organisation to people unfamiliar with it as well as showcase your products and services to young people in Gloucestershire.

When writing the profile bear in mind the site's audience, keep the listing brief, use simple language and avoid technical terms. Here is a list of information you could include:

  • Brief history if the organisations heritage is important
  • Nature of the business and the markets in which you operate
  • Include the mission and philosophy of the organisation
  • What makes your organisation unique
  • Number of employees
  • Information about recruitment process
  • Highlight any achievements or awards
  • Include any welfare activities the organisation undertakes

If you are still unsure as to what to write you can always revisit the site and add or amend your profile at a later date.

If you have any queries regarding the registration form or any other part of the site please visit the help section

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