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With the following opportunity types available:

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Which opportunities may suit you?

There are a number of opportunities types that may be suitable for your development;

Work Experience

Typically a one week placement (can be variable) for a 14-16 year old or a 16-24 year old.

Work Placement

Usually for 18-24 year olds on Job Seekers Allowance, you continue to receive benefit and may have your costs covered.


A paid work based training programme, for a minimum of 12 months, aimed at current and future employees aged 16+ with a job at the end of the training programme. Qualifcations are undertaken either at work  or one or more days may be spent at an external course venue.


An unpaid work based training programme for a maximum of 6 months, aimed at  future employees ages 16 - 24, to enable you to gain work skills/experience and English and maths qualifcations.  This should enable you to move into an apprenticeship or a full time job with training.  One or more days may be spent at an external course venue.

Graduate Internships

On-the-job training for graduates, normally in professional careers, usually a fixed term contract. May be based around a particular project.


Applying to become a new paid employee working within an organisation. Full time or part time/seasonal/saturday/evening options - for ages 14-24.


An opportunity to do something useful and gain experience, without getting paid (apart from expenses) usually for ages 16-24.

Specific Activity – eg; employer visits or employment fairs

There are many ways in which business can help you develop your skills and experience – for example holding mock interviews, careers talks or presentations.
Visits to local businesses or recruitment fairs can build valuable partnerships and may bring forward an opportunity you may not have otherwise discovered.


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