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How can I help?

Searching for opportunities

These are some of the ways you can help a young person get the most out of an opportunity search:

Take an interest and help them find an opportunity that they would like to do. For help on how to search opportunities click here.

Consider using the Resources section to research career options and ways to gain skills & experience.

As a parent or advocate you may wish to register an account on their behalf – this will allow you to save favourite pages & opportunities.

Preparing for work experience or placements

You may help them to;
  • understand the commitment shown by the employer offering the opportunity.
  • arrange and prepare for their interview with the employer. It helps if they have thought about why they want to work in a particular workplace, and can come up with good reasons, if asked. It also helps if your child has done their homework about the company they are aiming for. The company may have a website where you can find information.
  • be realistic about what to expect. They may well spend some time making the tea or helping with simple but essential administrative jobs such as filing or photocopying.

You may remind them that;
  • If they find they don't understand how to do something they should always ask someone.
  • It is important to leave a good impression: a work experience student who is polite and helpful may be making contacts which will stand them in good stead later on.
  • They should ensure they attend the placement regularly and punctually.

Please make sure that both the employer and the school are notified if the student is unable to attend their work placement.

Inform the school of any difficulties or concerns experienced during the placement.

Talk to them during the placement about what they are doing and how they are getting on and encourage them to complete a diary.

Encourage them to have a positive approach to the placement.


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