How to search the employers directory

Using the directory search


To use the employer search module enter a keyword in the search field, this could be an company name or the type of organisation you're looking for.

You can also filter by;

  • Type of employer  – A drop down menu that lists a series of business classifications, select the one closest to the type of employer you are interested in. eg a haulage company would be listed under 'Transport and Logistics'.

    This list is created dynamically and will show the classifications of employers currently registered on the site.
  • Type of work – A drop down menu that lists the type of activities that staff within an organisation engage in - eg within a haulage company there may be administration staff, mechanics and a sales department, so by selecting: 'Admin and Secretarial', 'Motoring and Automotive' or 'Sales' you would return the haulage company within your results.

    You can use this filter to search for the type of role you're looking for within an organisation.
  • Opportunity types – Filter by the type of opportunity you are interested in eg. Work Experience. You can select multiple options.

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