How to search for opportunities

Using the Opportunities search


To use the opportunitees search module enter a keyword in the search field, and/or filter by;

  • Activities  – The type of activities that you'll be engaged in if you are accepted for the position eg. Retail
  • Opportunity types – Filter by the types of opportunity you are interested in (see below for definitions).

Opportunity types

If you are unsure as to the opportunities types listed on the site, here is a brief description of how we define them.

Work Experience

– Typically a one week placement (can be variable) for a 14-16 yr old or a 16-24 yr old.

Work Placement

– A work placement is for 18-24 year olds on Job Seekers Allowance, they continue to receive benefit and have their costs covered.


– A work based training programme, aimed at current and future employees.

Graduate Internships

– On-the-job training for graduates, normally in professional careers.


– A new paid employee working within your organisation.


– An opportunity to do something useful, without getting paid (apart from expenses).

Specific Activity

– An activity set up by an employer to help Young People, for example holding mock interviews, careers talks or presentations.

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