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Adding an opportunity

Add an opportunity

You may have already indicated that you are offering opportunities for young people when you registered, adding an opportunity via your user area creates a more detailed listing.

The form layout will vary slightly depending on what sort of opportunity you are providing.

  • Select the organisation providing the opportunity - if you have registered more than one organisation or business select which one is offering this opportunity.
  • Select the type of opportunity - Choose an opportunity type from the drop down list, if you need more information about opportunity types visit the what might you offer page.

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  • Enter a title - this will be used as a heading for your opportunity listing, similar to a job title.
  • Opportunity activity - select an activity or activities that best describe what the successful applicant will be engaged in within your organisation.
  • Opportunity description - text field where you can describe the role the applicant will have within your organisation, what are their responsibilities and why should they apply.
  • Position type and hours - is the position full or part time and is the job permanent, temporary or for a contracted period - these options will not appear if you are offering a work experience placement.
  • Contact details - please enter where the opportunity will take place, it may be different to the address listed on your organisation profile.
  • When are placements available - if you are offering a work experience placement please enter what time of year are they available and how long do they typically last.
  • Placement availability and posting date - when would you like the listing added to yes2jobs, what is the deadline for applications and when should we remove it from the site? These fields are filled in by selecting a date on a calendar to ensure consistency.

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