Help adding favourites and sharing

Favourites and Sharing

Add to favourites

To save a page or listing to your favourites, simply click the purple favourites icon. On most pages it's situated in the top right hand column.

It's a particularly useful way to store and keep track of opportunities or organisation that you might be interested in.

Managing favourites

You can view your saved favourites by logging into your user account and selecting 'Manage favourites' button it's situated on the right hand side of your control panel under 'Manage account'

Your favourites page will display any content that you've selected categorised as follows:

  • Organisations
  • Opportunities
  • Resources
  • News & Events
  • Pages

You can delete favourites by clicking 'Remove' next to the listing.



Share this page

Clicking on the orange '+' icon under the favourites icon allows you to print the current page, email a link to your contacts or share it via a wide range of social media platforms.

It's a quick and easy way to notify friends or colleagues of site content that may interest them. It's also a useful way to promote an employer or opportunity listing.

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