Building links with education benefits employers

What are the benefits for employers?

Here are some of the reasons why many employers have already joined the yes2jobs campaign:

Advertise your organisation:

– use the website to promote your organisation, as well as opportunities that you have to offer.

Development of recruitment channels:

– links with local schools & colleges can help to attract talented employees and reduce recruitment costs

Brand awareness:

– work opportunities are often formative for young people and can increase awareness of your organisation

Raising the community profile:

– placements provide a means of raising your profile and creating a positive image within your community

Increased motivation of employees:

– participating in education–business link activities increases the motivation of existing employees

Monetary & resource:

– young people may provide fresh perspectives, as well as providing an additional resource

Events & News:

- see & advertise upcoming events & news

Free employment listings:

- 100% discount on all employment opportunities


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