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Our employability section contains a collection of classroom activities, downloadable documents and articles to help school staff who are working with students to develop their employability skills.

Improving Employability

This site contains classroom resources dedicated to improving employability for young people in Gloucestershire.

Each resource contains information, ideas and teaching materials suitable for use with Key Stage 4/5 students of varying abilities.

The lesson plans all contain a suggested delivery time and some contain ideas for extension activities.

Teaching & learning styles may include:

  • Discussion
  • Individual work
  • Written exercises
  • Q&A
  • Pair work
  • Group work
  • Internet Research


These activities will contribute to the following ACEG Framework expectations that young people, at Key Stage 4/5, will be able to:

  • explain key ideas about careers and career development
  • show that they have acquired and developed skills and qualities which improve their employability
  • be enterprising in the way that they learn, carry out work and plan their careers
  • find relevant Labour Market Information and learn how to use it
  • research their education, training and apprenticeship opportunities, progression pathways and specific goals
  • know how work is changing and recognise the impact that this has on people’s satisfaction with their working lives.

Learning Objectives

  • All students will gain a better understanding and appreciation about the world of work and why people work.
  • All students will gain a better understanding of where to look for work and where the jobs are
  • All students will gain a better understanding of how to apply for work, present themselves for interview and know what employers are hoping to find in job applicants.
  • Most students should develop a more acute awareness of the positive influences that work can have on individuals, their community, country and the world as a whole through discussion, pair work and task sheets.
  • Some students could explore elements of cultural and/or historical differences linked to work.

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