Streamlining & supporting the provision of work experience

YES Charter
for Schools

Helping to grow Youth Employment & Skills within Gloucestershire and support the provision of specific employability and skills activities for young people.

YES Campaign booklet pdf

Why do we need a YES Charter?

  • To support the provision of specific employability and skills activities for your young people.
  • To assist you with your responsibilities under Ofsted and DfE Destination Measures.
  • To work with you to inspire and motivate your pupils to achieve their full potential both academically and in the world of work.

What is my organisation committing to?

  • To have a positive and proactive approach to the world of work which gives all of your young people the opportunity to get exposure to a work environment before leaving school.
  • To have (or be working toward) strong and effective links with local employers.
  • To ensure that all of your young people receive impartial careers guidance and support with employability skills so that they may make a successful progression into the world of work.

Who is it for?

The site is for young people;

  • From Secondary Education,
  • From FE Colleges,
  • With Training Providers,
  • In Employment,
  • Not in Employment,
  • At University, or
  • Returning graduates.


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