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A directory of online resources & downloadable files

Our resources section contains a collection of links to trusted online sources with information to benefit your organisation.

There is also a library of downloadable documents and advice sheets.

The resources area is searchable and content is also filterable by A–Z, date order or type of resource.

Help with opportunities

There are also resources related to specific areas of skills training and employment.

Work Experience

Work Placement





Specific Activity. eg talks or mentoring

Health & Safety questions

There are links to advice documents and websites in the resources section. These include  HSE - Young people at Work – help and advice on identifying, understanding and dealing with health & safety risks in the work place.

Downloadable Work experience questionnaire

The resources section contains a downloable basic Health and Safety questionnaire for empoyers, which can be used by schools as a Health and Safety assessment for low risk placements.


Work experience employers questionnaire
Work experience employers questionnaire
This information sheet contains an employer’s basic...
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HSE - Young people at Work
HSE - Young people at Work
Help and advice on identifying, understanding and dealing...
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Resources for Schools
Resources for Schools
Supporting the provision of specific employability and...
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