Approval process

Young people with learning difficulties or disabilities

If you are considering offering an opportunity to a young person with learning difficulties and / or disabilities, you may have access to a range of support including;

  • Financial help
  • Help towards equipment costs
  • A job Coach/support worker to work with the young person

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Approval process


Once you've submitted an organisation profile, opportunity listing or Health & Safety form your information is sent to our team for approval.

YES2jobs will check through your submissions for minor typos or errors. We will also check that any wording entered doesn't break our guidelines on content & language.

If we're happy with what has been submitted you'll receive an email informing you that it is live on the site.

If we find any problems with your entries we'll send you an email asking you to revise your entry in line with the guidelines below.

Guidelines for content approval

Please check your content for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors before submitting. Plain English with short sentences and clear paragraph breaks will make it easier for users to read on screen.

We welcome opportunity listings and profiles that promote employment and skills within Gloucestershire.

Please avoid any of the following types of content;

  • sales type copy – that purely promotes a product, service or special offer
  • links to web content other than employment related content
  • language that may be dicriminatory or cause offence
  • comment or opinion

Please help us to promote employment, skills & growth for Gloucestershire.

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