Youth Employment & Skills Strategy

Facts & figures

  • Approximately 2,800 of 18–24 year olds are claiming job seekers allowance in Gloucestershire
  • That is about 25% of all job seekers allowance of the total claims in the county  
  • Approximately 750 of 16–18 year olds in the county are not in educational training
  • Two thirds of Gloucestershire schools have now signed the YES charter for Schools
  • Around 6,000 'Be Inspired' Booklets have been launched to year 9 students across the county
  • In 2011, 300 year 11 students left school in Gloucestershire and got jobs – including apprenticeships

YES Strategy

Our five priorities are to do the following:

To Inspire

We need to inspire young people, particularly early on in their school life, to give them the ambition to take control of their future

Develop Skills

We want to help young people develop the key skills which employers are seeking

Improve Access

We need to ensure that both young people and employers can access information & support they need via a portal or single gateway

Offer Experience

Young people need access to the work place via work experience or work trials to get that first hand experience of the world of work

Share Best Practice

We need to share the best practice where schools and businesses work together to ensure this becomes the norm

However education and skills can only ever be part of the solution. Giving our young people more opportunities; to demonstrate their worth to potential employers on a wider scale will be an important part of the solution to youth unemployment.

Gloucestershire’s employers are critical – as it is they who will provide the work and work experience opportunities our young people need.


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